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“I’ve been fortunate enough to be associated with Pam’s since the beginning. 33 years, and year after year the experience just keeps getting better. Pam’s continues to offer the best accommodations, courses and deals. They understand the importance of a satisfied customer, no matter the situation. Pam’s is the best… hands down! No one does it better when it comes to taking care of the client. Thank you to everyone at Pam’s!”

– Larry B., May 2023

“This was our first time going to Ocean City for our golf trip. We liked the much shorter drive than heading down to Myrtle Beach. The trip was set up great and we just showed up and had a great time. I highly recommend using Pam’s anytime we chose to come to Ocean City to play. Thank you for making our trip a great experience!! See you next time!!”

– Brian W., May 2023

“Booking with Pam’s is straightforward and transparent. Easy to pay and to get info from team when needed. Great job all around. Thank you.”

– Rob R., April 2023

“Pam’s went above and beyond, their knowledge of the courses and hotels were awesome. When we had a couple of changes to our trip the entire Pam’s team worked together to provide us with a successful golf trip! We had a great time… thank you!”

– Jerry S., September 2023

“The Girls at Pam’s are awesome. We have used Pam’s three years in a row now and the service is always exceptional! They take care of everything for you, all you need to do is show up and golf. Silky smooth from start to finish. I will 100% use Pam’s again for our next trip to Ocean City. “

– Mark M., May 2023

“Pam’s makes it extremely easy putting together an Ocean City golf trip. Everyone I’ve worked with at Pam’s in the past two years have been nothing but professional, flexible, and kind. Our group is definitely coming back to OC next year, and I’ll be reaching out to Pam’s to plan our next trip. ”

– James M., October 2023

“This was our 11th year booking with Pam’s, and the Girls couldn’t have been more helpful when planning our trip. Thanks for everything you do, for us… putting together a great trip is so much easier with their help. We are already looking forward to next year’s trip. Thanks again.”

– Bill K., September 2023

“My entire group truly enjoyed the trip. No problems at all checking in anywhere! In fact, they would say you’re with Pam’s … it’s all taken of. We will absolutely be contacting you soon to book our 2024 trip. We already have recommended Pam’s to everyone! Thank you for a very relaxing trip!”

– Bill T., October 2023

“The lodging was very good, the courses were 5-star, and the breakfast coupons were a nice bonus. Even the weather was 5-star too. You can’t beat the prices that we received from Pam’s. Everyone in our group was saying that this was the “best golf outing ever”. Thanks for everything. Pams is the best…. The very best!”

– Gary F., September 2023

“I have played golf in 49 states, and I generally am the one planning our golf buddy trips. When planning our trip I found that Pam’s website is the most comprehensive golf-destination online site that I have ever encountered, that includes critically pertinent information!  From maintenance dates, weather, etc, to totally assure well-informed decisions regarding where and when to play.

Pam’s put together a “last minute” trip for us as our golf trip to Nova Scotia was canceled due to the Coronavirus. We played 7 of the best courses that the Ocean City region has to offer, neatly packaged to minimize travel time to and from each course (as we played 2-different courses each day for three days and one early morning round on our get-away day), and they arranged comfortable convenient lodging for us at River Run.

The Girls at Pam’s exceeded our expectations by assisting us with dining selections close to our afternoon-round golf course, as well!”

– Paul F., August 2020

“I can’t say enough good things about Pam’s Golf Getaways. Booking was easy and everything went smoothly during our trip. Hands down you are the Best. My friend says it was his best birthday trip ever. My friends said they will use Pam’s Golf when planning their next golf trip. Thanks and look forward to our next trip. Stay safe everyone.

– Mike G., July 2020

“Once again Pam’s is a huge success! We originally had 24 golfers but with Covid we had some drop out. I have so many people asking to go next year we might be up to 32 golfers! Memories are being made with all the fathers and sons I have! My main goal is to have our younger golfers keep this tradition we have started 10 years ago. For four years I’ve been with Pam’s now and looking forward to many more to come! Thank you to everyone at Pam’s, and we will be ready to book for year 5 very soon! Stay safe everyone.

– William A., June 2020

“The Girls at Pam’s were awesome! If you are going to book a golf trip to Ocean City, I highly recommend you use Pam’s! You will be happy you did.”

– Leo C., June 2020

“The Girls at Pam’s are amazing. I had no idea it would be this easy to plan a golf trip! This was my first time planning a golf trip with 8 people, and Pam’s made it incredibly easy.”

– Jack D., October 2020

“The Girls at Pam’s were very helpful at a time I was at my wit’s end with all the crap that was going on with Covid. I would like to thank all the Girls involved in putting our trip together. They really earned their money this year. We had restaurants and hotels closing and through all of this, the Girls at Pam’s went out of their way to make it seem that nothing at all was wrong. My hats off to the entire group.”

– Joe C., October 2020

“This was my first time organizing a golf trip and the Girls were patient and very helpful with my efforts to put this trip together. I had contacted another agency, but they never returned my email, and Pam’s promptness was most appreciated as I then knew I could get my trip booked in time.”

– Hank M., May 2019

Obviously, with COVID-19 dominating 2020, this has been a very unusual year for planning and running a golf trip for a large number of guys. There were many issues and some cancellations from our group.

This was the 21st year I have used Pam’s to plan our annual trip. I’ve always had nothing but great service when dealing with you. This year, I had 2 very last-minute cancellations due to virus concerns.

The Girls at Pam’s were outstanding in helping me and resolving all issues. Their exceptional service and personalities speak volumes for them and for Pam’s as an organization. I could not have asked for a better representative to deal with to resolve my concerns. Thank you, Pam’s for a job well done!

– Mark F., October 2020

“Mother Nature provided us with probably the best weather in the 5 years of doing this trip using Pam’s Golf. I plan to put another trip together in 2020 and will be contacting Pam’s Golf prior to the end of the year to try and create another great package.”

– Kenneth S, June 2019

“Pam’s does a great job every year handling individual custom requests from the members of our group. Over the years more guys have gone on the trip because Pam’s is so accommodating. The Girls at Pam’s worked with us diligently given the constraints and concerns of the virus to get us more real-time information on course and hotel restrictions.

Also, when Pam’s was partially closed, I had a few conversations with the GM who was also very helpful with the current state-of-the-virus information and how it could affect our trip planning.

Extending the final deposit payment was key in giving us comfort that we could wait until the latest virus information was known.

Thank you for guiding us through the unknown during a difficult time.”

– Don B., May 2020

“Pam’s Golf is second to none. They are very accommodating and work with you throughout the time you start to book until the trip happens. They provide great golf courses with a courteous and professional staff that puts your needs first. I would highly recommend them. They honestly do a phenomenal job.”

– Anthony B., October 2019

“Our package involved several different arrangements for those on the trip. Two to a room, one to a room, golf only, etc. In every instance, the Girls at Pam’s responded to our challenges to help us out. The girls I worked with were not only pleasant, but they didn’t become unnerved or any less hospitable. In all aspects of our outing Pam’s was most accommodating. The usual great trip. Five sunny days with great golf with no hiccups with the planning and execution of the itinerary made for one incredible trip. Thanks again and we appreciate all you did for us.”

– John A., May 2019

“Pam’s makes it so easy to plan a group trip to Ocean City and this is our 9th year using Pam’s. I wouldn’t even think about switching to another agency to book our golf getaway. The staff is helpful and professional and the prices are great.”

– Scott K., May 2019


“Pam’s Golf put together a great trip for me and my wife. Courses were a pleasure to play, the course management were friendly and helpful and the hotel was really great and right on the beach. We also enjoyed the restaurants for lunch and dinner. It was a memorable trip for our 25th wedding anniversary.”

– John P., April 2019

“Nothing but great things to say about Pam’s! I gave them an approximate cost per golfer and desired tee times and they took it from there. Our trip was originally for 12 and then expanded to 16 rather late in the game. The staff at Pam’s were easily able to not only keep the courses the same, but our tee times only needed to be slightly modified to accommodate the larger group. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and willing to assist as appropriate. Great communication from day one through the start of our trip. I would highly recommend Pam’s and would use their services again!”

– Paul N., September 2019

“We all were very pleased with the value that Pam’s was able to give us for this golf trip. We even added a 4th golfer to our package with under a week to our OC arrival date, Pam’s quickly reworked all of the documents and made it work. Hats off to The Girls at Pam’s!”

– Jane S., October 2019

“Trip was very well put together and everything went as smooth as could be. The Girls at Pam’s did an excellent job working with me, the Pam’s happy hour was a hit with my guys and everybody enjoyed very much. Hats off to Pam’s and I am looking forward to booking another trip with you next year. THANK YOU.”

– William R., May 2019

“I am very familiar with Ocean City. Have been coming there on & off for about 30 years for family vacations. As a guy’s golf group we usually go to Myrtle Beach for about 25+ years. But this year we decided to try golf in Ocean City for cost & to save on our drive time.

Accommodations at Pam’s were very good. It was nice being on the ocean, this was not always the case in Myrtle Beach as we would usually stay in large golf complexes that had cookie cutter condos. Which was boring and we never saw the ocean on those trips. Courses were similar to Myrtle Beach. Weather was fantastic which in the end makes or breaks the trip. Got lucky.

All in the group were very positive about the trip and we are already talking about next year. They did like the 3 hour drive much better than the 11+ hour drive to South Carolina.

Dealing with Pam’s was easy. You guys were very responsive and did an excellent job. I don’t have one complaint. I had received a few calls/emails from Pam’s leading up to our arrival for various info & reminders and everyone was really nice. Pam’s has excellent customer service and did an awesome job.

The Girls at the Pam’s Happy Hour was also a hit. Thanks for a great trip.”

– Rick T., May 2019

“I have had the pleasure of using Pam’s OC Golf a number of times and find them complete, great attention to detail and friendly. They provide a great service, take care of every detail and make it happen. Frankly, it’s seamless.”

– Rick C., March 2019

“Our trip was amazing, I have recommended Pam’s to everyone who has asked me about it. Our group had an amazing time and would love to do it again. Thanks for all your help along the way you guys made it really simple for me. Appreciate it.”

– Carey H., May 2019

“Everyone that I dealt with at Pam’s was exceptional. Each and every one there went above and beyond. The Girls at Pam’s was the best at accommodating all the needs. Thanks to everyone there for a great trip.”

– Ray G., May 2019

“The Girls at Pam’s are terrific, and this is our 10+ plus year of organizing through Pam’s. Our trip works out without any issues. Which makes our trip the best.”

– Brent E., April 2019

“I’ve been dealing with Pam’s for years. They are experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, courteous, and their personal service covers all the bases.”

– Ken W., March 2019

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